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What is a Cuidiu Antenatal Course? For that matter what is Cuidiu?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Who or What is Cuidiú?

Cuidiu pronounced "Quid-ju"

From Cuidiu's website:

"The Irish name Cuidiú means care and support for all parents with bumps or babes, tots or teens.

We are a parent-to-parent support group run by volunteer parents.

Cuidiúʼs motto is education and support for parenthood. Our aim is to provide information to parents which allows them to make informed choices about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and to provide a supportive background to empower parents to act upon their decisions.We help thousands of Mums and Dads each year through pregnancy, birth and early days of parenthood. We offer antenatal and postnatal courses, local support and reliable information to help all parents."

Cuidiú For You

A lot of people are first introduced to Cuidiú postnatally through their local Cuidiú Breastfeeding Support Group. Here in the East Coast we have three active Cuidiu Breastfeeding groups- Drogheda (every Thursday 10-12), Swords (every Monday except bank holidays 10-12) and Laytown (monthly evening meet 4th Tuesday of the month 7-8.30pm).

Cuidiú has currently 160 trained Breastfeeding Counsellors supporting lactating women and their families in Ireland, through telephone support and breastfeeding support groups.

But Cuidiú also has a lot to offer in the Antenatal period too.

Antenatal Courses and Bump to Baby meet ups are available in many branches.

Cuidiú Antenatal Teachers were originally trainer through the National Childbirth Trust in the UK. But in 2013 Cuidiú took over the training and are now training Antenatal Teachers here in Ireland under Antenatal Ireland. The teacher training course is a 2.5 year minimum course. Antenatal Ireland Teachers go through training on normal birth, caring for the laboring women, focus on adult learning, focus on informed decision making, reflection on their own birth and parenting experiences, plus much more.

I am now running Antenatal Ireland Classes in the East Meath/ Drogheda/ North County Dublin area. My main venue will be in Laytown ( North County Dublin is also an options depending on numbers and clients location).

Cuidiú North County Dublin branch also offer Bump to Baby Meets monthly. This is a great chance to meet mums, both pregnant and with their little newborns, Antenatal teachers and Breastfeeding Counsellors. The meets are casual, with lots of chat and chances to ask questions and of course a nice cuppa. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of meets: Cuidiú North County Dublin

What can a Antenatal Ireland Course with Little Ones Baby Classes offer you?

Antenatal Ireland Courses offer interactive workshops exploring natural physiological birth.

Antenatal Ireland Classes offer small group classes, allowing for time to ask questions, and to get to know each other.

Evidence-based information is imparted in an empowering, interactive and practical way.

All birth options are discussed so that you can work out how you'd like to approach your labor, rather than telling you the 'right' way.

All types of births are covered including normal, epidural, induction, other possible interventions and cesarean birth. Coping Skills for labor are explored including massage, relaxation, working with your environment, movement and positions for labor, and your natural hormones. Further topics include when to go to the hospital, the stages of labor, and the options around pharmacological (drugs) pain relief. There is a focus on informed decision making around your options for your birth. And an emphasis on the 4th Trimester, starting with the Golden Hour after birth (the initial hour after baby enters the world), the early days with your newborn, including self care, breastfeeding, babywearing and practical baby care. Dads and partners are included throughout the course. together you will develop a plan for labor, birth and the postpartum period.

Activity on the 4th Trimester

Included in the course fee is a 1 year membership to Cuidiú. Members can receive discounted attendance costs to groups including bumps and babes, toddler groups and breastfeeding groups, also available in certain branches are members only book clubs, evening link ups and family seasonal events.

Included in the course is 10% off future Little Ones Baby Classes- including Baby Massage, Babywearing workshops and one to one consultations.

What people say about Cuidiú Antenatal Courses:

What made you choose to attend a Cuidiú Antenatal Class?

"After Cuidiu was mentioned by the midwife at our first hospital visit, my wife looked into it. We quickly realised that the ethos of making informed decisions suited our way of thinking. It just seemed to make sense." Alan

" I wanted my partner there, but the hospital classes preferred mums only!" Claire

What did you feel was most beneficial about the course? (Why would you recommend to a friend?)

"There were so many things I loved about it:

- The focus on how we, as a couple, would adapt to this new stage in our lives (not something I think they cover in hospital courses).

- The discussion of choice and informed consent in child birth (as above)

- The collaborative / interactive approach. We all enjoyed the exercises and the discussions, and never felt we were being lectured..." Lisa

"- The setting was welcoming and relaxed. I hate the smell and feel of a hospital. - The class size was small and that allowed me to participate better and ask questions. I wouldn’t have liked to be in a big group and just been talked at. - I liked that the couple were treated as a team, each with a role to play. It empowered me to feel like I had an important role. - It was beneficial to be told that there were options in the decisions being made, rather than doing it the hospitals way without question. - the separate evening Breast feeding class was very good. - BRAIN"


"I loved our Cuidiu Course. As first time parents we were clueless what was involved in labor, birth and parenting!! The Cuidiu course gave us a lot of insights into it all. We really liked getting to meet and chat to other parents to be at the same stage. One thing that really jumped out at me was that the birth was OUR birth, not the hospital's birth, or the doctors birth, its OUR birth. I hadn't really understood this before. The course empowered us to speak up and ask questions before and during our birth, and find our own way."


Lasting Impression of a Cuidiú Course?

"The Cuidiu experience has left a lasting impression on our approach to life and parenting. It has given us the confidence to take ownership of our births and question the norms and the reasons behind them. This has allowed us to make informed decisions"


"The Cuidiu philosophy as a whole is wonderful and I would highly recommend people choose a Cuidiu antenatal course in preparation for parenting (not just in preparation for giving birth)." Lisa

"essential! " Claire

Location of Classes:

Depending on numbers and the location of attendees, I may change location but my main venue is my home in Laytown. I currently teach Baby Massage and Babywearing Classes in my home. I've added some photos below to give you a feel.

How to Book:

I hope I have given you some idea of what a Cuidiú Antenatal Course can offer.

My Classes usually run monthly, Breastfeeding Workshop one month and Antenatal Class the following month, More Details.

To enquire further email me at, text Rachel on 0863369948 or fill in enquiry form


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