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From our experience, baby massage is ideal for parents who wanted to further their bond with their child, help them to relax, aide tensions or wind that the baby may suffer from, find a way to have calm, positive contact or simply spend quality time with the newest member of their family." "It sounds dramatic, but the experience was truly life changing."



We enjoyed the course, and learned a lot from it. S still loves her leg massages, and the tummy one came in very handy on holidays last week when I wasn't sure if her digestive system was working efficiently.Thanks very much



I received a gift voucher for Rachel's baby massage course after the birth of my son. I attended the July/August course and really enjoyed the experience. The class was very much baby led so if your baby was asleep,Rachel provided a baby doll for you to practice on.I was very impressed with the resources provided & the tea & biscuits were a lovely touch. It provided a great opportunity to meet other new mums & their babies. Rachel is also a wealth of knowledge on all things 'sling' and introduced me to baby wearing - much to my son's delight!!



Rachels baby massage course is brilliant. It's a relaxing and calm environment for both baby and mammy! The different techniques we've learned help with gas especially if the baby is colicky like mine. It definitely helps with communication between you and your baby. It's a lovely time to just sit and relax even if it's just for 10 minutes. My daughter really enjoyed it all both in the class and at home. The massage technique cards are a perfect size and easy to follow. My husband and mum even give her little massages which helps with their bonding as well as relaxing her or helping if she's going through a growth spurt and could be fussy due to "growing pains". I'd really recommend this course. Rachel is so helpful and understanding. Mums and babies immediately feel relaxed and at ease in her company.



I thoroughly enjoyed going to baby massage at Rachel's. the massages I learnt will and have been very useful in calming and relaxing my baby. I would highly recommend everyone with a newborn to go, it was brilliant



Myself & O absolutely loved our baby massage course, Rachel is so welcoming and so supportive to new mammies. I looked forward to our class every friday and picked up great tips and skills that i still use with O. 



Myself and C really enjoyed this course. Great for her colic and a really positive social experience when you have a small baby. Her brothers love to join in and help with our massage, it's a treat bonding experience for all the family
Thanks Rachel

A & C


We really enjoyed it. It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Completely baby led. You have a lovely soothing voice and DD always had plenty of smiles for you. The laminated handouts are brilliant and will come in very handy at home. The little bag with the socks and oil etc are a lovely touch. Thanks again."



Very enjoyable. Learned a lot. Rachel is a great teacher and very mindful of individual baby's needs. The group chats afterwards are very helpful especially when you are a FTM and Rachel gives great information on everything from baby wearing to baby weaning. Would high recommend to anyone with a baby.



The course met all of my expectations and I honestly can't think of a single improvement. Actually one thing I wasn't expecting but loved were the chats on different subjects each week and the library of parenting books. The raising boys/girls books are my favourite finds!



I truly enjoyed the 5 weeks of the course and will miss my Monday mornings with my boy. You are a fantastic instructor, so calm, gentle & positive and your love of massage and connecting with your baby shines through.

I feel I have gained so much more than how to massage my baby over the last few weeks. I was very lucky to have a great group of women on the course alongside me. They have been a great support and our friendship continues outside of the class."



I really enjoyed this course and so did my baby! Not only did I learn about baby massage and its benefits, but lots of other parenting advice was shared within the group every week. Rachel is so kind and friendly and a fountain of knowledge. I would highly recommend the course.



"I really enjoyed the time together while i massaged her. Total Mammy and baby time. You're a great teacher...I'll be recommending you to all my pregnant friends"



"I'm so grateful- not just for the baby massage for everything else I've learnt along the way- I look at my "role" as a parent in a whole new light now."



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