Who or What is Cuidiú?

Cuidiu pronounced "Quid-ju"

From Cuidiu's website: 

"The Irish name Cuidiú means care and support for all parents with bumps or babes, tots or teens.

We are a parent-to-parent support group run by volunteer parents.

Cuidiúʼs motto is education and support for parenthood. Our aim is to provide information to parents which allows them to make informed choices about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and to provide a supportive background to empower parents to act upon their decisions.We help thousands of Mums and Dads each year through pregnancy, birth and early days of parenthood. We offer antenatal and postnatal courses, local support and reliable information to help all parents."

Cuidiú For You

A lot of people are first int...

Baby massage is a longstanding traditional parenting tool in many cultures and was introduced to the western world during the last 30 years by IAIM founder Vimila McClure, and is gaining in popularity in Ireland since 2001. Baby Massage is centered around the idea of nurturing touch between the baby and their primary care giver. The massage uses gentle rhythmic strokes and calming holds.

I run a 5 week Baby Massage Courses in my home in Laytown, Co. Meath. Laytown is 10 minutes drive from Drogheda and Balbriggan, as well as on a bus route from Drogheda. 

Classes take place in a cosy space in my home and depending on class numbers it can be set up for a one to one class or up to 7 mum and baby pairs (I'll mention mums in the rest of this article f...

I’m always on the look out for local trips, interesting new walks, new adventures to be had. It can often get a bit repetitive, I find we go to the same haunts. Safe places, where the kids are familiar, there’s nice coffee for mama . But while chatting to a friend recently who is new to the area I realised the amount of great day trips around the North East. So here are our top 5… (I just found out that our #5 Sonairte is closing abruptly this friday, I hoping its temporary, so I'm leaving it in, we love Sonairte!)

1. Skerries

20 minutes drive from Laytown. Or hop on the train via Irish rail, remember understand 5s are free. 

We adore Skerries, the promenade is fab for scooters or bikes. It runs along the beautiful South beach, you can make Sandcas...

I always wanted to wear my baby, I didn’t know any of the benefits, and to me it was an idealised image of women working in fields with babies attached to their back. The simple idea of keeping your baby close to you appealed to me.

But when I started to look in all the big named childcare shops in Ireland, the only slings I could find were the structured, unsupportive baby carriers, which definitely did not appeal to my idealised image.

I didn’t really want to buy online without trying the sling on, so I was stuck. 

<-babywearing 3.5 week old in Kari-Me Sling

So my Little Man (LM) had reflux, which meant that after each feed he would get milk up, and a lot more if he was lying down. So we spent all day with one of us having him up on our shoulders....

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