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Antenatal Classes,

Refresher Classes,

Breastfeeding Workshops

Antenatal Classes

I'm currently not offering Antenatal Classes, but hope to restart shortly, to get an email when classes return:

I'll be in touch

Promoting Informed Decision Making

Rachel is an Antenatal Ireland educator running private and small group Antenatal Classes, Personalised Refresher Classes and Breastfeeding Workshops. All Classes are currently ONLINE.

Rachel's classes focus on labour, birth and the postpartum period, including Breastfeeding

The classes are evidence based and concentrate on Informed decision making, and because they are either private classes or small groups there is plenty of time for questions.

Refresher Classes are for women who have given birth before. Refresher Classes incude a preliminary phone call to chat through the previous births, breastfeeding and post partum experences as needed, to help personalise the class.

Rachel also runs 3 hour Breastfeeding Workshops focusing on helping parents get off to the best start with Breastfeeding.

When in-person classes resume, Rachel classes service Meath, Louth and Dublin.

Current Options:

Online 1to1 Class- 3 sessions, 2.5 hr per session, €180

Online Group: 3 sessions, 3 hr per session, €160

Online 1to1 Breastfeeding Workshop: 2.5 hr, €100

Online Group Breastfeeding Workshop: 3 hr, €65

Refresher Antenatal Classes, 2nd time parents classes
Breastfeeding Workshop

Antenatal Ireland Courses are run by Cuidiu Trained Antenatal Educators. Cuidiu's Antenatal Educator training takes 2.5 years, with ongoing continuous professional development after qualification and ongoing observations to keep their material up to date.

Antenatal Ireland Courses offer independent, interactive workshops exploring all types of birth. A full range of evidence based information is presented and the options available are explored. The focus is on informed decision making. One to One classes and Small Classes allow time for individual questions and focus.

Group Classes suit all women ideally from 26 to 38 weeks.

Refresher Classes suit 2nd or subsequent pregnancies. Having given birth previously, women have so much knowledge already about giving birth and babies, but maybe they'd like to have a different birth this time round, or a less medicalized birth, maybe the first few weeks were very tough and they'd like to get in the right headspace for a new baby, maybe they just want to recap on coping skills for labour, maybe they are worried about how the older toddler will adapt, or maybe breastfeeding didn't work out the first time....

Refresher classes include initial email communication to figure out the requirements of the class, then a phone call to debrief any aspects of the previous birth, early postpartum or breastfeeding experience is offered, all to help ensure couples get the most out of the class. 

Breastfeeding Workshops are a dedicated session focusing on the early days of breastfeeding, whats normal, what to expect, how to meet your breastfeeding goals. As well as a Cuidiu Antenatal Educator, I am also a Cuidiu Breastfeeding Counsellor.

Private Classes are available for 1st time parents, 2nd or subsequent pregnancies or focusing on breastfeeding. Examples of clients reasons for a private class include timing, planned cesarean birth, complications with pregnancy, birth or baby, twins. 

Cuidiú (Cuidiú is an Irish word that means care and support for all parents- pronounced "Quid-ju") 

Are you wondering what Cuidiu is?  Check out my blog post on Cuidiu and Cuidiu Antenatal Classes.

In an Antenatal Ireland Group Courses all types of births are covered including natural, normal, epidural, induction, other possible interventions and cesarean birth.

There is a focus on informed decision making around your options for your birth. 

We explore Coping Skills for labor including massage, relaxation, working with your environment, movement and positions for labor, your natural hormones.

Further topics include when to go to the hospital, the stages of labour and pain relief (both natural and pharmacological (drugs)).

There is an emphasis on the early days with your newborn, including breastfeeding.

Dads/Mums/birth partners are included throughout the course. Together you will develop a plan for labour, birth and the postpartum period. 

Included in the course fee is a 1 year membership to Cuidiu (worth €25).  Cuidiú a parent to parent volunteer organisation who runs groups including bumps and babes, antenatal classes, breastfeeding groups, toddler groups, book clubs, family seasonal events, as well as breastfeeding telephone support.

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