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Close Enough to Kiss

Are you interested in Learning to Carry your Baby in a Sling?

Rachel has over 10 years babywearing experience carrying her 3 Little Ones, and is a certified Trageschule trained Babywearing Consultant since 2013.

Rachel has a passion for helping empower parents to use the amazing tool that Babywearing is. The Benefits of Babywearing for baby and caregiver are immense.

But primarily as a new parent- you will have your two hands back, you will be able to make (and drink) that cup of tea, walk the dog, meet friends, make dinner, care for a toddler, all while keeping your newborn happy and content.

There are a few Consultation options depending what you want to do. Currently all Consultations are ONLINE.


I can offer an initial zoom session to introduce the 5 main types of slings, discuss sling safety and other practicalities.  

This would be an hour long consultation. 

This may be all you want to do. 

Or you may want to practice and learn to use that sling before or after baby arrives. 


If you'd like to learn to use the sling....

After deciding on a type of sling, you can then collect the sling (depending on your location or you may already have one). Or you can rent from local or national libraries.


Then we will have a 2nd consultation to learn how to use the chosen sling. This will be approximately one hour. 

Then after a few days practicing we can have a quick check in- 15 min recap and trouble shooting as required.

The cost includes 2 weeks sling rental

Depending on what you want the cost ranges from €40-€60.

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